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Designer with business mentality

The Road of Art
I spent quit a lot of time on toys that required me to build - Legos, Rail Roads, Jigsaw Puzzle.
But my passion for design started when my parents liked a comic I drew when I was 12 years old.
"It's good, you can keep doing it."
I started to focus in art since junior high and first majored media in college.
Even though I was sidetracked to do business, I still did media related work as a freelancer.
I think the thing that kept me going is that I like to see things I design come to life - I have a genuine good feeling about it.

The Road of Working Value
"Pick the hard road, and pick the heavy job."
I didn't realize what it meant when I first saw it about 6 years old, it was written on 2 stone colums on top of a mountain in Taiwan.
Later I understood what it meant, I treated working as an experience-gainer opposed to an effort-giver. I have taken part-time jobs in supermarket, restaurant, language school, coffee shop and bar. Although I didn't find everything I did profoundly enjoyable. It helped me discover myself and first-hand knowledge of how these businesses operate.

The Road on Design and Business
I spent most of my day time working for auto parts wholesale warehouse, and was proud to make good relationship and service to the shops. At one point, I was managing a 15 people branch.
However, the more I know about wholesale the more I know that's not the path I want to go.
On the side, I had been doing animation freelance and a bit of websites. As opposed to wholesale, the more I do, the more I know that I like to code.
So back in 2014, I went back to school to start my CS major, it's a long road, but I have the finance and time to back it up.
In 2015, after several classes, one of my friend told me about a code camp called Startup Institute, and I thought "I have been working in small businesses, tried to start some gigs, and already a couple years in coding, this is the perfect oppurtuinity to push me into the market."
So, I skipped my class in college of Spring 2016 and joined Startup Institute, I enjoyed most of it, after all, it provided me the key skill for the market instead of some generic classes my college required me to take.
I am now ready to join the market with a decent profolio, please check my contact & portfolio page for more reference.

Life is about building assets

Back in the college, I stumbled upon the famous book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and was very motivaed by it.
So when I bought my first house back in 2007, I was getting ready to create some passive income - I bought a oversized house and started renting out spare rooms.
All was good, I have managed my budget, and money flowed in. However, things started to go down as I moved in with my wife, who lives about 45 minutes away.
I found managing the house difficult, I had to spend 2 hours just for showing and paperwork signing, even if I want to communicate over the internet, people can be unresponsive - that when I know I need to see things in big pictures.
There was a lot to learn about laws and budgeting and I loved it. Now I also know how to better manage my time.

As a hosue owner, like some others, I like DIY house improvement.
I played with electricity, 2x4 & drywalls, custom rack, faucets, and lighting.
I love putting LED behind furnitures, the dimming light putting a shade on the wall is just so cool.

I like variety and adventure when it comes to entertainment, I hardly keep the same activity going for too long. Except for seasonal sport like snowboarding or biking.
For example, I finish one video game and leave the console for months, because I want to be thorough for the gaming experience and not spending too much time on it.
I lost more than 30 lbs during my body trainning, I went to gyms religiously and always reach the goals in my diet.
My goal is to do enough to see there are accomplishments, but not to be attached too much to a point that I am unhealthy or rule out other activities.

Happy to meet

Online Profiles

Betting System Simulator
JavaScript, calculation

Restaurant Directory
Rails, PostgreSQL, User Authentication

Message Mee
PHP, GSAP, twilio API, only works with registered phone number

Coffee Shop POS
AngularJS, Node.js, socket.io, please open both ordering system screen and kitchen screen and make an order to see how this point-of-sale system work.

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